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Journal of Composite Materials, Volume 48, Number 4, p.407-414 (2014)



Braiding, Bridge decks, Classical laminate theory, Composite materials, correlations, Fibre orientation, Filament winding, Glass, modulus, simultaneous studies, Stiffness, strength


<p>Investigations were carried out on glass-epoxy composite specimens with varied fibre orientations (±2 to ±88 ), prepared by both braided and filament winding techniques. The experimental strength and stiffness of these composites while exhibiting similar trends, correlated well with those predicted by classical laminate theory. The filament wound composites exhibited (20-40%) initial higher properties vis-a-vis the braided composites, while a correlation index between the experimental and theoretical values has been evolved. © The Author(s) 2013 Reprints and permissions:</p>


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La Srikanth and Rao, R. M. V. G. Kb, “Strength and stiffness behaviour of braided and filament wound glass epoxy composites - Simultaneous studies and comparison”, Journal of Composite Materials, vol. 48, pp. 407-414, 2014.