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Journal Article


Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering, Springer International Publishing, p.1-9 (2019)



Confinement, Durability, FRP-confined concrete, Sisal FRP


This paper reports the performance of plain concrete cylinders confined externally with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites with natural sisal as the reinforcement. Strength tests are performed on plain concrete cylinders confined with different sisal FRP thicknesses such as 1, 2 and 3 layers. The results show that external confinement with sisal FRP enhanced the axial load-carrying capacity, ductility and energy absorption of concrete compared to control specimens. For predicting the ultimate strength of sisal FRP-confined concrete a new strength equation was developed based on the lateral confining pressure of sisal FRP which shows a good agreement with the experimental results. To assess the durability criteria, sisal FRP-filled concrete specimens are exposed to severe environmental factors such as variation in temperature, alternate wet and dry cycling and exposure to alkaline condition. The outcomes indicate that sisal FRP-confined specimen subjected to temperature variation has shown a remarkable increase in strength, whereas alkaline exposure has exhibited a decrease in strength.

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A. Padanattil, Mahadevan Lakshmanan, Dr. Jayanarayanan K., and Dr. Mini K. M., “Strengthening of Plain Concrete Cylinders with Natural FRP Composite Systems”, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering, pp. 1-9, 2019.