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Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter: an Institute of Physics journal, Institute of Physics Publishing, Volume 29, Number 25 (2017)



Antiferromagnetic materials, Ground state, Heat capacity measurements, Ligands, Low temperature regions, Magnetic properties, Magnetic susceptibility, magnetism, Metal organic compound, Organometallics, Orthorhombic structures, Single crystals, Specific heat, Spin dimmer, Spin gap, Structural and magnetic properties, temperature, Temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility, X ray diffraction


We present the synthesis and a detailed investigation of structural and magnetic properties of metal-organic compound Cu2(IPA)2(DMF)(H2O) by means of x-ray diffraction, magnetization, and heat capacity measurements. Single crystals of the title compound were synthesized by judicious selection of organic ligand and employing a selective hydrothermal reaction route. It crystallizes in an orthorhombic structure with space group Cmca. The structural analysis revealed that two Cu2+ ions are held together by the organic component (-O-C-O-) in a square paddle-wheel to form spin dimers which are aligned perpendicular to each other and are further coupled through organic ligands (isophthalic acid) forming two-dimensional layers. Temperature dependent magnetic susceptibility χ(T)could be described well using spin-1/2 dimer model. The spin susceptibility χspin(T)shows an exponential decrease in the low temperature region, below the broad maximum, confirming the singlet ground state with a large spin gap of Δ/kB ≃ 414 K. The heat capacity Cp measured as a function of temperature also confirms the absence of magnetic long-range-order down to 2 K. © 2017 IOP Publishing Ltd.


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S. Thamban, U. Arjun, Prof. M. Padmanabhan, and R. C. Nath, “Structural and magnetic properties of spin-1/2 dimer compound Cu2(IPA)2(DMF)(H2O) with a large spin gap”, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter: an Institute of Physics journal, vol. 29, 2017.