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Journal Article


Materials and manufacturing processes, Taylor & Francis, Volume 21, Number 7, p.694–697 (2006)



Silver selenide nanocrystals were synthesized using a chemical route by the interaction of ammoniacal silver nitrate and sodium selenosulfate in aqueous medium. The prepared samples were characterized by XRD, EDXA, and TEM. UV-VIS absorption spectrum of the nanocrystals shows that the optical band gap of the material is 1.72 eV, which is quite larger than the bulk phase of the materials. Thermal analysis exhibits that the phase changes from β to α at the transition temperature 406 K. Electrical conduction and thermoelectric power measurements also show the presence of two distinct phases of the materials and characteristic changes in transport properties due to the nanosize of the materials.

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B. Sudip Kumar, Basu, C., Das, A. R., Sanyal, G. S., Banerjee, D., and Bandyopadhyay, N. R., “Studies on nanocrystalline Ag2Se”, Materials and manufacturing processes, vol. 21, pp. 694–697, 2006.