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International Conference on Process Automation, Control and Computing, PACC 2011, IEEE Explore, Coimbatore (2011)





Antennas, Bandwidth, Bit error rate, Bit error rate performance, Channel model, Computer simulation, Directivity, Environment models, Free space, Frequency ranges, High data rate, Indoor channels, Indoor environment, Line of Sight, Maximum likelihood estimation, Mean square error, Millimeter waves, Minimum mean square errors, Minimum mean-square error, Multi-path components, Multiplexed systems, Multiplexing, Oxygen absorption, Process control, Saleh-Valenzuela model, Short-range communication, Small antenna, Spatial multiplexing, Statistical parameters, Telecommunication systems, Zero-forcing


The Millimeter Waves are allocated with 60GHz frequency range as an unlicensed band worldwide. Millimeter waves become very useful for short-range communications because of its high data rate, its large-available bandwidth of 7GHz and the Oxygen absorption present at that band. The 60GHz indoor channel contains much of multipath components and needs the use of statistical parameters in modeling the channel. At 60 GHz, the free space loss is higher and thus requires the use of antennas with more pattern directivity along with having small antenna dimensions. Considering these factors, in this paper, Triple Saleh Valenzuela (TSV) model is chosen as a suitable model for millimeter waves. The performance of Spatial Multiplexed system for TSV channel model is simulated by assuming a simple indoor Line of Sight (LOS) environment model. Assuming perfect channel estimation, the Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of the 2×2 system is investigated for Zero Forcing (ZF), Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE), and Maximum Likelihood (ML) receivers. © 2011 IEEE.


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S. D. Manojna, Kirthiga, S., and Dr. Jayakumar M., “Study of 2×2 spatial multiplexed system in 60 GHz indoor environment”, in International Conference on Process Automation, Control and Computing, PACC 2011, Coimbatore, 2011.