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Oriental Journal of Chemistry, Oriental Scientific Publishing Company, Volume 33, Number 2, p.1051-1056 (2017)



Presence of certain substances in air adversely affects human health, environment and climate. These chemicals are mainly added due to human activities. Maintaining air quality requires regular monitoring, identification of source of pollution and adoption of preventive measure. Bangalore a city in India has grown in size and population recently due to growth of IT industry. This rapid growth and related civic activity has affected its ecological services. The objective of this study is to identify air pollution trend in Bangalore and investigate the factors contributing towards it. Data for analysis has been obtained from state pollution control board website and has been used without any modification. Three criteria pollutants measured regularly and for longest period of time, sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and respirable particulate matter (PM10) have been investigated for air quality analysis. © 2017, Oriental Scientific Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


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Dr. Amrita Thakur, “Study of ambient air quality trends and analysis of contributing factors in Bangalore, India”, Oriental Journal of Chemistry, vol. 33, pp. 1051-1056, 2017.