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Conference Paper


2017 International Conference On Smart Technologies For Smart Nation (SmartTechCon) (2017)


7-level multilevel inverter, APOD-PWM, carrier-overlap PWM, co-PWM, Comparative analysis, frequency modulation, harmonic distortion, high power applications, high voltage inverter, Inverters, low harmonic distortion, low stress inverter, mathematical model, Multi-level inverter, PD-PWM, phase disposition PWM, phase opposition disposition PWM, phase shifted PWM, POD-PWM, PS-PWM, Pulse width modulation, PWM invertors, PWM techniques, Semiconductor diodes, Switches, switching convertors, THD, Topology, variable frequency PWM, VF-PWM


Multilevel inverter has benefits like low stress on switches, low harmonic distortion and can be used in high voltage and high power applications. In this paper 7 - level Multilevel inverter which has less number of switches is considered with various PWM Techniques. The different PWM techniques considered are Carrier-Overlap PWM(CO-PWM), Variable Frequency PWM(VF-PWM), Phase Shifted PWM(PS-PWM), Alternate Phase Opposition Disposition PWM(APOD-PWM), Phase Disposition PWM(PD-PWM), Phase Opposition Disposition PWM(POD-PWM). The given topology is modeled and simulated with the help of MATLAB/SIMULINK to check which PWM technique leads low THD value.

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Dr. K. Deepa, Kumar, P. A., Krishna, V. S., Rao, P. N. K., Mounika, A., and Medhini, D., “A Study of Comparative Analysis of Different PWM Techniques”, in 2017 International Conference On Smart Technologies For Smart Nation (SmartTechCon), 2017.