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Journal of Advanced Research In Dynamical And Control System , Volume 11, Issue 4, p.2339-2345 (2019)


India is one of the rising economies in the world, which has witnessed giant tendencies in the stock markets during the liberalisation policy initiated by the authorities. However, making an investment in banking stocks contain excessive risk which can be guided but can't be managed. Most of those risks affect the economic system and require the investors to address their portfolio or experience out of the storm. This research paper analyses risk and return of banking sector with the aid of taking Bank Nifty Index as the benchmark. The study has a look at compares the performance of 10 selected banks within the National Stock Exchange. Being the spine of the country’s economic system, Indian banking industry always performed an effective key function in prevention of economic disaster from reaching terrible volume in the country. Risk is a possibility that denotes a terrible effect to an asset or some function of cost that may get up from given action or state of being inactive, foreseen or unforeseen. The banking region price range have proved more unstable than the pure various equity funds which make some of them an excessive volatile. This paper evaluates the performance of banking shares in particular to find out the rate of risk and return of stocks according to exceptional risk elements prevailing inside the market and other monetary factors.

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S. Santhosh and K. G. Rajani, “A Study on Comparative Analysis of Risk and Return of Selected Stocks with Special Reference to Cnx Bank Nifty”, Journal of Advanced Research In Dynamical And Control System , vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 2339-2345, 2019.