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Journal Article


Archive of Mechanical Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee on Machine Building, Volume 64, Issue 3, p.375 - 399 (2017)



Conjugate heat transfer, Dream Pipe, Enhancement of Heat Transfer, hydromagnetic flow, Laminar Oscillatory Flow, Liquid metals


The combined effect of conjugation, external magnetic field and oscillation on the enhancement of heat transfer in the laminar flow of liquid metals between parallel plate channels is analyzed. In order to make our results useful to the design engineers, we have considered here only the wall materials that are widely employed in liquid metal heat exchangers. Indeed, all the results obtained through this mathematical investigation are in excellent agreement with the available experimental results. The effective thermal diffusivity κe is increased by 3 · 106 times due to oscillation and that the heat flux as high as 1.5 · 1010 (W/m2 ) can be achieved. Based on our investigation, we have recommended the best choice of liquid metal heat carrier, wall material and its optimum thickness along with the optimum value of the frequency to maximize the heat transfer rate. At the optimum frequency, by choosing a wall of high thermal conductivity and optimum thickness, an increase of 19.98% in κe can be achieved. Our results are directly relevant to the design of a heat transfer device known as electromagnetic dream pipe which is a very recent development.

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Puvaneswari P. and Dr. Shailendhra K., “Study of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Dream Pipe”, Archive of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 64, no. 3, pp. 375 - 399, 2017.