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Journal Article


International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume 3, Number 5, p.62-66 (2014)



Solidification time is known to have a large effect on the microstructure of cast Aluminium alloys and hence its properties. This study is conducted to quantify how the mechanical properties of Al-6.5 Cu alloy vary with respect to the solidification time. The solidification time is varied by varying the diameter of the cast rod; this is based on the Chvorinov’s rule which gives a relation between solidification time and surface area, volume of the specimen. Mechanical properties such as Ultimate Tensile Strength, Micro- hardness are observed by experimentation and change in microstructure for all the different specimens are also studied and
inferred. It is observed that as the solidification time increases, the mechanical properties tend to decrease. Further the coefficient of friction is independent of the hardness and weight loss is dependent on hardness of the alloy.

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Dr. Ilangovan S., Viswanathan Saikrishna, and K. Gopinath Niranthar, “Study of Effect of Cooling Rate on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Cast Al-6.5Cu Aluminium Alloy”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, vol. 3, pp. 62-66, 2014.