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Conference Paper


2009 World Congress on Nature Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC) (2009)


Abstracts, city-block distance, color correlogram, color histogram, Computer science, Euclidean distance, fitness functions, Genetic algorithm, Genetic algorithms, Genetic engineering, Genetic mutations, Geometry, Gong color histogram, Histograms, image abstract, image colour analysis, Image segmentation, overlap factor, simple color histogram, System testing, Video abstraction, video abstraction system, Video sequences, Video signal processing


<p>This paper proposes to investigate on the efficacy of Genetic Algorithm (GA) based video abstraction system to deliver a meaningful summary (still image abstract) with minimal preprocessing on the given video. The GA employs novel crossover and mutation operators to search for a meaningful summary in a search space of all video summaries. This preliminary investigation employs Euclidean and City-block distance measures, based on simple color histogram, color histogram by Gong and color correlogram, among the frames as fitness functions and assume that the number of frames in the still image abstract is known apriori. The performance of GA based video abstraction system has been tested on 6 documentary videos from the open video project. The simulation results, though not very promising, strongly hints the potential of GA for automatic video abstraction and motivates further exploration.</p>

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D. K. A. Raju and Dr. Shunmuga Velayutham C., “A study on Genetic Algorithm based video abstraction system”, in 2009 World Congress on Nature Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC), 2009.