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Journal Article


International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering, Volume 9, Issue 4(1) (2019)



A few months back, in August, Kerala witnessed the worst flood since 1924. All the districts were placed in red alert as the devastating face of water washed away the lives and landmass of the state in a matter of few days. We conducted a survey in the aftermath of flood and found that they wanted to convey their problems, suggestions and remedial measures to the responsible authorities through us. A significant problem that the retailers faced was the financial instability. Water rushing into offices and warehouses caused inventory damage. Buildings and roads were submerged which caused hindrance to the transportation facilities. Many of the retailers who received compensation were not satisfied with it because the compensation received was inadequate in comparison to the volume of damage occurred. Aluva is a place which affected badly by the flood.

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Nimita S. Anand, Parvathi K., and Indu Maneesh Kumar, “A Study on the Issues Faced by the Retailers due to Kerala Flood 2018 with Special Reference to Aluva”, International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering, vol. 9, no. 4(1), 2019.