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Journal Article


Phase Transitions, Taylor & Francis, p.1–16 (2015)


hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals, odd–even effect, optical tilt angle, smectic X, thermal stability factor


A novel mesogenic homologous series comprising of eight hydrogen-bonded liquid crystalline complexes are isolated and analyzed by forming a hydrogen bond between p-n alkyloxy benzoic acids (where n represent alkyloxy carbon number which varies from 5 to 12) and mesaconic acid, respectively. Eight synthesized complexes are subjected to Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy, polarizing optical microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry studies to meet the basic characterization. The variation of optical tilt angle with respect to temperature in various conventional and smectic X phases are investigated and analyzed. A phase diagram is constructed to elucidate the mesogenic behavior of novel liquid crystalline series. The Cox ratio that reveals the order of various mesophases and the stability factor, to invoke the thermal stability of mesophases, is studied under the results of DSC thermogram.


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R. Rajanandkumar, N Prabu, P. Sathya, Dr. Murugadass K., and Mohan, M. L. N. Madhu, “A study on polymorphism of hydrogen-bonded thermotropic liquid crystals”, Phase Transitions, pp. 1–16, 2015.