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Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology. (2015)


A prospective observational study was conducted to assess the prescribing pattern of ceftriaxone and to determine the indication for which ceftriaxone prescribed in a general medicine department of south Indian teaching hospital. A total of 200 prescriptions were collected, collated and analysed from the general medicine department for a period of 6 months. Out of 200 study population included in study, majority are males. The frequent condition for hospitalization and for which the ceftriaxone were prescribed was respiratory tract infection. The defined daily dosage was proper for 182 patients and average DDD of ceftriaxone was 2.06. . The hospital was largely in compliances with WHO DDDs.The average total cost incurred for Ceftriaxone per patient was found to be Rs.654.64, for the average of 2.32 days. The specificity of prescribing patter of ceftriaxone was more, it means specific therapy was more than empirical therapy. Prescriber should follow the standard treatment guidelines for improving the rational use and to prevent the development of resistance. The duration of use of ceftriaxone is according to the guidelines.

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D. C. Suhas Reddy, Sankar, B. K., R, A. H., Anila K. N., Majumder, P., Mahammed, N., and Maheshwari, U., “A study on prescription pattern of ceftriaxone in general medicine department of a south Indian teaching hospital”, Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology. , 2015.