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Journal Article


IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, IOP Publishing, Volume 577, p.012135 (2019)



One of the significant issues in the construction industry is that the cost of natural sand is expanding quickly and furthermore exhaustion of common assets happens at a quicker rate. To beat this issue we require a feasible material like the natural sand. Despite the fact that M-sand is utilized as a replacement for River sand, it has numerous burdens in view of its angular size and failure to fill the pore spaces. Dolomite-Silica sand is a material which contains silica content and can fill pores in the mortar productively. The principle motivation behind this investigation is to partially supplant M-Sand with Dolomite-Silica Sand to enhance the Masonry Characteristics. Dolomite-Silica sand is blended with M-Sand in fluctuating extents of 30%, 50%, and 70%. Fresh and Hardened mortar tests had been completed. Compressive and Flexural Brick-Bond Masonry tests have likewise been done. Results demonstrate that Dolomite-Silica Sand can be utilized as a partial replacement for M-sand up to 50%.

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Poornima V., Ananthkumar M., S. Barathi Kumar, and K. Imthiyaz Ahamed, “Suitability of dolomite silica-sand in partial replacement with m- sand for cement mortar”, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 577, p. 012135, 2019.