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Journal Article


Journal of The Electrochemical Society, The Electrochemical Society, Volume 145, Number 9, p.3047–3051 (1998)



A prototype tool is described for electrochemical surface finishing of an anodic workpiece in strip form, such as the stainless steel print bands used in high speed printers. The tool consists of two units, an electropolishing unit for microfinishing of print bands, and a directional electroetching assembly to provide rounding of characters in the print band. The prototype tool is completely automated and has provisions for rinsing and drying of the mounted print band. Buffed and unbuffed print band samples were used for process development and feasibility testing of the tool. Results demonstrated that the described electrolytic process yields reproducible mirror‐finished print band surfaces with desired leading and trailing edges of characters. The process is applicable either as a complement to traditional buffing to give a final microfinish to print bands, or it can replace the presently used buffing technique for character rounding and surface finishing.

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Dr. Madhav Datta, Andreshak, J. C., Romankiw, L. T., and Vega, L. F., “Surface Finishing of High Speed Print Bands I. A Prototype Tool for Electrochemical Microfinishing and Character Rounding of Print Bands”, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, vol. 145, pp. 3047–3051, 1998.