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Number 6015759, USA (2000)


Deposition rates of undoped silicate glass dielectric layers on thermal oxide are increased by pre-treating the thermal oxide layer With electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet (UV) and/or vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) Wavelengths. The surface smoothness of the resulting ?lms are also increased by pre-treating ?lms With UV and/or VUV radiation. Furthermore, the gap ?lling abilities of the undoped silicate glass ?lms are increased by pre-treating the thermal oxide With UV and/or VUV radiation. NeW equipment and meth ods are presented for exposing semiconductor devices to UV and/or VUV radiation, and for enhancing the deposition rates and ?lm quality for semiconductor manufacture. Semi conductor devices incorporating the neW methods are also described.

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Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan, Khan A., and Foggiato G. A., “Surface Modification of Semiconductors using Electromagnetic Radiation (Granted)”, U.S. Patent 60157592000.

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