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Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, SPB Pharma Society, Volume 9, Number 1, p.576-579 (2016)



computer program, electric power plant, fossil, India, satellite imagery, Wind power


A standout amongst the most renewable sources is wind energy they create a clean energy utilizing windfarms. Windfarms is introduced in huge numbers and worked to supplant other fossil powers power plants. Wind energy in Tamil Nadu has an exceptional development moving the state to the most obvious position in renewable vitality source in India. Any enormous development will have an effect on ecological element. The effect of substantial scale windfarm on surface temperature is dissected for different years in Southwest monsoon district of Tamil Nadu. Satellite remote sensing discernments from Landsat7 pictures are used to study temperature changes. For the study area the shape file (.kml format) is created for large wind farm area using the Google earth. The shape file (.kml format) is imported to the Landsat images and the surface temperature is analyzed using the ArcGIS software.


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K. M. Nandhini and Geetha, P., “Surface Temperature variation for Large Scale windfarm area in Tamil Nadu”, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 9, pp. 576-579, 2016.