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Journal Article


Dalton Transactions (2018)



We report a simple, surfactant-assisted room temperature synthesis of metallic cadmium nanoparticle sheets and their subsequent hydrolysis to the formation of rice-shaped monoclinic cadmium hydroxide nanostructures. These new nanostructures have demonstrated 30-40 fold superior electrochemical charge storage capacity along with quantized double layer charging of metal nanoparticles as compared to the bulk cadmium.

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A. Moorthy, Subramaniam, M. Raj, Dr. Thirugnasambandam G. Manivasagam, and Dr. Duraisamy Kumaresan, “Surfactant-assisted synthesis of metallic cadmium, cadmium hydroxide nanostructures and their electrochemical charge storage properties.”, Dalton Transactions, 2018.