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Journal Article


Man in India, Serials Publications, Volume 96, Number 9, p.2913-2930 (2016)



Cyclones; Disasters; Fishing community; Odisha; Vulnerability


The crucial element in a disaster is the human component. The human factor is discussed with reference to a group's vulnerability, which is a concomitant of certain important attributes such as the occupation/livelihood of a group. However, when a community or a group manages to survive disasters despite their vulnerabilities, it calls for a discussion on the various processes of resilience and coping that enabled their survival. Two villages are examined here, one a village of predominantly agriculturists and the other of fishermen. An important factor is that of acute poverty among the overwhelming majority of the two villages, though between them, the fishing village has more among the lowest income category as compared to the agricultural village.


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Dr. Priya Gupta and Inbanathan, A., “Surviving disasters: Vulnerability and coping in two villages of coastal Odisha (India)”, Man in India, vol. 96, pp. 2913-2930, 2016.