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International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, Volume 4, Number 17-20, p.921-928 (2010)



In this paper it is proposed to compute the volume integral of certain functions whose antiderivates with respect to one of the variates (say either x or y or z) is available. Then by use of the well known Gauss Divergence theorem, it can be shown that the volume integral of such a function is expressible as sum of four integrals over the unit triangle. The present method can also evaluate the triple integrals of trivariate polynomials over an arbitrary tetrahedron as a special case. It is also demonstrated that certain integrals which are nonpolynomial functions of trivariates x, y, z can be computed by the proposed method. Then we have applied the symmetric Gauss Legendre quadrature rules to evaluate the typical integrals governed by the proposed method.


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K. .V.Nagaraja and Rathod, H. Tb, “Symmetric Gauss Legendre quadrature rules for numerical integration over an arbitrary linear tetrahedra in Euclidean three-dimensional space”, International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, vol. 4, pp. 921-928, 2010.