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Journal Article


Asian Journal of Chemistry, Asian Journal of Chemistry, Volume 20, Number 1, p.113 (2008)



A new Mannich base, N-(pyrrolidinobenzyl) benzamide, derived from pryrrolidine,
benzamide and benzaldehyde and its complexes with cobalt (II), nickel (II), copper (II) and
zinc (II) have been synthesized and characterized. Their chemical composition have been
established from microanalytical, magnetic, molar conductance, spectral, thermal and X-ray
powder diffraction studies. In these complexes, N-(pyrrolidinobenzyl) benzamide acts as a
bidentate ligand and all the complexes exhibit square planar geometry.

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M. Viswanathan and Raji, V., “Synthesis and Characterization of N-(Pyrrolidinobenzyl)-benzamide and its Complexes with Cobalt (II), Nickel (II), Copper (II) and Zinc (II)”, Asian Journal of Chemistry, vol. 20, p. 113, 2008.