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Journal Article


Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1226, p.129344 (2021)



1, 3-bis(2-pyridylimino)isoindolate ligand, 3d metal complex, Heteroleptic complexes, Homoleptic complexes


Series of homoleptic and heteroleptic 3d transition metal complexes were prepared in analytically pure form and high yield, by reacting appropriate metal precursors with 1,3-bis(2-pyridylimino)isoindolate (BPIH) ligand under suitable reaction conditions. The complexes were characterized by various spectro-analytical techniques, including IR, UV, NMR, ESI Mass and X-ray crystal analysis. A distorted octahedral structure containing two meridionally coordinating BPI ligands was assigned to all the homoleptic complexes. While, for the heteroleptic complexes, a highly distorted square pyramidal geometry, with a planar tridentate BPI ligand coordinating to the metal center along with chloro and aqua ligands was assigned. Considering the unique structural features of the complexes, potential catalytic applications are envisaged.

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G. Reshma, Varadha Padmanabhan, Varma, A. R., Gouri, M. S., Nair, U. R., Parvathy, P. B., Kulkarni, N. V., and Senthurpandi, D., “Synthesis and structure of mono and bis 1,3-bis(2- pyridylimino)isoindoline supported 3d transition metal complexes”, Journal of Molecular Structure, vol. 1226, p. 129344, 2021.