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AIP Advances, Volume 1 (2011)



Growth of nanoscale rods on single crystal rutile TiO2 surface irradiated by MHz pulse repetition rate femtosecond laser in nitrogen environment without a catalyst or template is reported. The rods are of 100 nm in width to 1 micron length. Microraman analysis of the laser irradiated surface shows only a decrease in the intensity of active modes as compared to untreated surface. The growth of TiO2 nanorods can be explained by a method combining nanoparticles formation due to expulsion of molten material from laser irradiated spot and their subsequent growth by vapor-liquid-solid process.


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Dr. Sivakumar M., Tan, B., and Venkatakrishnan, K., “Synthesis of TiO2 nanoscale rods with MHz femtosecond laser irradiation of single crystal surface and characterisation”, AIP Advances, vol. 1, 2011.