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Number US20150062284A1 (2015)



An e-learning system has a local classroom with an instructor station and a microphone and a local student station with a microphone, a remote classroom with an instructor display and a student station with a microphone, and planar displays and video cameras in each of the classrooms, the remote and local classrooms connected over a network, with a server monitoring feeds and enforcing exclusive states, such that audio and video feeds are managed in a manner that video and audio of the instructor, the local students and the first remote students, as seen and heard either directly or via speakers and displays by each of the instructor, the local students and the remote students presents to each as though all are interacting in the same room. (India Provisional Patent Application No. 3888/CHE/2013)

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P. V. Rangan, Balaji Hariharan, Rahul K Pathinarupothi, Narayanankutty, R., Gopakumar, S. A., and Uma Gopalakrishnan, “System and Method for Synthesizing and Preserving Consistent Relative Neighborhood Position in Multi-Perspective Multi-Point Tele-Immersive Environments”, U.S. Patent US20150062284A12015.