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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Volume US20160300500 A1, Number US 15/180,604, India (2016)



An e-learning system has a local classroom comprising a local student station and an instructor station, such that local students at the local student station and an instructor at the instructor station face each other directly along a first viewing line, a plurality of remote classrooms each having a student station, video cameras in each of the remote classrooms positioned and oriented to capture video images of subjects, video displays in the local classroom arranged along a line orthogonal to the first viewing line and all facing the local student station, in sets of at least two displays, arranged vertically one above another, each first set of at least two displays dedicated to one of the remote classrooms, a second plurality of video displays like the first, but facing the instructor, connection apparatus between classrooms, a server coordinating video feeds with displays.

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P. V. Rangan, Balaji Hariharan, Rahul K Pathinarupothi, Narayanankutty, R., Gopakumar, S. A., and Uma Gopalakrishnan, “System and Method for Synthesizing, Preserving Consistent Relative Neighborhood positions in Multiperspective Multipoint Tele-Immersive Environment (3D)”, U.S. Patent US 15/180,6042016.