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Volume US20180081730A1, Number US15/410,178 (2018)



Performance prediction systems and method of an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and applications includes obtaining input(s) comprising one of (i) user requests and (ii) sensor observations from sensor(s); invoking Application Programming Interface (APIs) of the platform based on input(s); identifying open flow (OF) and closed flow (CF) requests of system(s) connected to the platform; identifying workload characteristics of the OF and CF requests to obtain segregated OF and segregated CF requests, and a combination of open and closed flow requests; executing performance tests with the APIs based on the workload characteristics; measuring resource utilization of the system(s) and computing service demands of resource(s) from measured utilization, and user requests processed by the platform per unit time; executing the performance tests with the invoked APIs based on volume of workload characteristics pertaining to the application(s); and predicting, using queuing network, performance of the application(s) for the volume of workload characteristics.

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S. Duttagupta, Kumar, M., and Nambiar, M. Karunakara, “Systems and Methods for Predicting Performance of Applications on an Internet of Things (IoT) Platform”, U.S. Patent US15/410,1782018.