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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Volume US Patent 10,224,641 B2 (2019)



Systems and methods for transmitting and receiving radio waves includes a parabolic dish, a focal plane antenna array configuration antenna elements arranged in a circular array configuration with array elements positioned along circumference of rings with a distance between each element and coupled a focal disc positioned along a focal plane of the parabolic dish. The array is configured to transmit and receive radio beam patterns with one or more Orbital Angular Momentum states ‘l’ via a transceiver feed assembly. The transceiver includes a transmitter adapted to alter excitation phase of the radio beams of successive elements and generate helical wave fronts in the far-field, and a receiver to enhance the received wave fronts. A total field received by the array configuration is then calculated by a superposition of the fields received by each of the elements.

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Dr. Shanmugha Sundaram G. A., “Systems and methods for transmission and reception of radio waves in a focal plane antenna array”, 2019.