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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham , Tamil Nadu, Volume US 2019 / 0046037 A1, Number 16 / 117 , 689, India (2019)



A health-monitoring system has IoT-vitals sensing nodes joined to a patient's body, sensing vital characteristics, employing wireless transmission circuitry transmitting sensed data by a short-range network, and a local gateway having wireless circuitry receiving transmitted data from the IoT-vitals sensors, software (SW) executing on a processor from a non-transitory medium, the SW processing the transmitted data received, and transmission circuitry transmitting processed data over a long-range network.

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M. Vinodini Ramesh, Pathinarupothi, R. Krishnan, Ekanath Srihari Rangan, Durga P, and Rangan, P. Venkat, “Systems, Methods, and Devices for Remote Health Monitoring and Measurement using Internet of Things Sensors”, U.S. Patent 16 / 117 , 6892019.