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Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Volume 28, Number 3, p.152-162 (2013)



adult, child, clinical article, deep vein thrombosis, dyspnea, female, heart atrium septum defect, heart septum defect, heart ventricle septum defect, hepatopulmonary syndrome, human, liver cirrhosis, lung embolism, lung perfusion, lung scintiscanning, lung surgery, macrosalb tc 99m, male, peritoneum vein shunt, portal hypertension, portal vein thrombosis, pulmonary artery stenosis, review, school child, technescan lyomaa, thorax radiography, treatment planning, unclassified drug


Introduction: Tc-99m macro aggregated albumin (MAA) is synonymous for lung perfusion scintigraphy and is part of the study in the evaluation of pulmonary thromboembolism. We wanted to highlight the utilities of Tc-99m MAA other than pulmonary embolism as a pictorial assay. Materials and Methods: Patients referred for Tc-99m MAA scintigraphy under various indications were included in this pictorial essay. Commercially available TechneScan LyoMAA cold kit from Mallinckrodt Medical B.V., Holland was used. Acquisition protocols for different indications are described in this article. Different clinical indications (e.g., pulmonary artery stenosis, hepatopulmonary syndrome, FEV1 calculation in lung surgery planning, selective internal radiation therapy planning, venography for deep venous thrombosis, left to right cardiac shunts, etc.) where Tc-99m MAA scintigraphy was asked for; how it helped in different clinical scenarios and how it can be used clinically is explained with unique and interesting case examples and images. We also reviewed the literature to look for certain remote indications of MAA imaging for the sake of completion like - (shunt scintigraphy, peritoneopleural communication, etc.) Conclusion: Tc-99m MAA is a very useful radiopharmaceutical, which can be used for many other indications apart from the commonly used indication of lung perfusion scan in pulmonary embolism. It can provide useful clinical information in other indications, which we try to highlight in this article.


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S. J. Gandhi, Babu, S., Subramanyam, P., and Sundaram, P. S., “Tc-99m macro aggregated albumin scintigraphy - Indications other than pulmonary embolism: A pictorial essay”, Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine, vol. 28, pp. 152-162, 2013.