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Journal Article


International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Number 12 (2012)



Probability is an effective mathematical tool to calculate the likelihood at various instances rising as a effective research area. The programmers are continuously trying to accomplish full automation system in real world applications which can be made possible only through the effective calculation of probability in various circumstances. Though probability is very much important, the students and teachers are not obtaining the full experience of theory because of the lack of
proper tools for exploring it. This paper has concentrated on bringing up some basic probability terms and implementation in Microsoft Excel which could be understood by all from the scratch.

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R. Anand, M. Manju, Anju M Kaimal, N.V. Veenaa, and Chithra, R., “Teaching computational thinking in probability using spread sheet simulation”, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, vol. 2, 2012.