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Journal Article


Current science, Volume 101, p.492-492 (2011)



In this article we examined the temporal trend of temperature in the Bharathapuzha river basin, southern India using historical temperature data (1969–2005). We used Mann–Kendall’s rank correlation statistics for seasonal and daily temperature. It shows an overall upward trend in annual and daily temperatures. The temperature during winter, and the southwest (SW) and northeast (NE) monsoon also showed significant increase.To demonstrate the occurrence of temperature trend in the four decade-long timescale, wavelet analysis was also carried out. The mean annual temperature of the basin during the period was 24.30°C, with a standardvdeviation of 0.3°C.

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P. P. Nikhil Raj and Azeez, P. A., “Temperature rise in the Bharathapuzha river basin, southern India”, Current science, vol. 101, pp. 492-492, 2011.