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Journal Article


International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Volume 4, Number 5, p.32-36 (2014)



Document image analysis has been widely used in historical and heritage studies, education and digital library. Document image analytical techniques are mainly used for improving the human readability and the OCR quality of the document. During the digitization, camera captured images contain warped document due perspective and geometric distortions. The main difficulty is text line detection in the document. Many algorithms had been proposed to address the problem of printed document text line detection, but they failed to extract text lines in curved document. This paper describes a segmentation technique that detects the curled text line in camera captured document images.

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and Dhanya M. Dhanalakshmy, “Text Line Segmentation of Curved Document Images”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, vol. 4, pp. 32-36, 2014.