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Journal Article


The Qualitative Report. (2018)



Focus Group Methodology, Indian Consumers, Organic Apparel, Perceived Behavioral Control, Purchase Intention, Thematic Analysis


<p>Consumer behavior is dynamic, and there is a beauty in trying to understand consumer’s intention for a product category like organic apparel, especially when it is a unique phenomenon that is scantly explored in an emerging economy like India. This paper is an attempt at understanding the factors that influence Indian consumer’s intention to purchase organic apparel. A purposive sampling procedure was adopted in selecting participants. A focus group discussion was conducted to capture data for the thematic analysis. Theoretical thematic analysis was conducted by relying on the theory of planned behavior model. Inductive thematic analysis gave way for other dimensions like product knowledge and involvement, environmental knowledge, and skepticism that evolved out of the themes. Product knowledge and involvement, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, and attitude had an influence on the intention. Environmental knowledge and skepticism indicated a chance to negate the relationship. The textile manufacturers, who are innovating with sustainable fabrics, can look at the dimensions that consumers seek for while making a choice of organic apparel. Domestic and international organic apparel manufacturers can capitalize on the behavioral dimensions of the factors that influence consumer’s intention for organic apparel, thereby facilitating identifying the prospect.</p>

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Sandhya G. and S., M. K., “Thematic Analysis to Assess Indian Consumers Purchase Intention for Organic Apparel”, The Qualitative Report., 2018.