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Journal Article


Applied Physics Letters, Volume 83, Number 14, p.2931-2933 (2003)



Gold, Nanofluids, Nanostructured materials, Thermal conductivity, toluene


Thermal conductivities of two types of Au nanoparticles in water and toluene were discussed. The effects of chemical factor such as direct contact of the metal surface with the solvent medium was also studied. It was found that thermal conductivity was enhanced by 5%-21% in the temperature range of 30-60°C at a loading of 0.00026.


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H. E. Patel, Das, S. K., Sundararajan, T., A. Nair, S., George, B., and Pradeep, T., “Thermal conductivities of naked and monolayer protected metal nanoparticle based nanofluids: Manifestation of anomalous enhancement and chemical effects”, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 83, pp. 2931-2933, 2003.