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Journal Article


under review in Phys Rev D (2020)


The effects of collisional processes in the hot QCD medium to thermal dilepton production from q\overline{q}q

annihilation in relativistic heavy-ion collisions have been investigated. The non-equilibrium corrections to the momentum distribution function have been estimated within the framework of ensemble-averaged diffusive Vlasov-Boltzmann equation, encoding the effects of collisional processes and turbulent chromo-fields in the medium. The analysis has been done by considering the realistic equation of state by employing a quasiparticle model for the thermal QCD medium. The contributions from the 2\rightarrow22→2 elastic scattering processes have been quantified for the thermal dilepton production rate. We have showed that the collisional corrections induce appreciable enhancement over the equilibrium dilepton spectra. A comparative study between collisional and anomalous contributions to the dilepton production rates has also been explored. The collisional contributions are seen to be marginal over that due to collisionless anomalous transport

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V. Chandra, Kurian, M., Naik, L. J., and V. Sreekanth, “Thermal dilepton production in collisional hot QCD medium in the presence of chromo-turbulent fields”, under review in Phys Rev D, 2020.