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Journal Article


Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 15, p.53 (2019)



Biodegradable polymer blends are prepared by solution casting method by mixing Sodium alginate (SA) and Lignosulphonic acid (LS) biodegradable polymers. In order to investigate for controlled drug delivery the thermal stability of polymer blends are the primary requirements because they should be stable in aqueous medium. The polymer blends are studied using thermogravimetric analysis. The TGA data are used to analyze degradation temperature and energy of activation using ‘Horowitz and Metzger’ an approximate integral method. The energy of activation reveals that blends are stable as compared to their polymers.

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Dr. S. Giridhar Reddy and Dr. Amrita Thakur, “Thermal stability and kinetics of sodium alginate and lignosulphonic acid blends”, Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 15, p. 53, 2019.