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Journal Article


International Education and Research Journal, Volume 3, Issue 7 (2017)



Behavioural Responses, Negative and Positive Thoughts, Neuroplasticity, Spirituality, Thought Diet


Research indicates that by a phenomenon called neuroplasticity, the brain is capable of rewiring as a result of continuous and persistent practice which manifests itself as a change in behaviour of the person. It can be inferred that a similar condition can be brought about by regularly following a ‘Thought Diet’. Going by the maxim, ‘We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think’, consciously and persistently having optimistic and proactive thoughts, one can change the brain wiring and attain a default positive orientation towards life which can have numerable benefits in all phases of life. A brief review of literature on neuroplasticity and the effects of negative and the positive thoughts have been included. The importance of spirituality in youngsters has been addressed. The article implies the importance of evolving training modules of ‘Thought Diet’ for youngsters and school children. The article includes recommendations for areas of future research and for current applied practice.

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Dr. Preetha Menon, “On a Thought Diet”, International Education and Research Journal, vol. 3, no. 7, 2017.