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Journal Article


Procedia Technology, Volume 21, p.482 - 489 (2015)



digital controller.


Abstract Hybrid filters are highly recommended for harmonic and reactive compensation in existing installations. Since current harmonic compensation can limit voltage harmonics also to a great extent, shunt hybrid filters are preferred. The traditional shunt hybrid filter consists of shunt passive and shunt active filter. Here, shunt passive filter provides fixed compensation at all load conditions. Therefore, probably at low load conditions, shunt passive filter acts as major consumer. This embarrassing situation can be avoided by replacing traditional shunt passive filter with the shunt auto-tuned passive filter. The shunt auto-tuned passive filter uses an \{ANN\} based controller to select passive filter components to provide adequate harmonic and reactive compensation under all load conditions. Remaining harmonic and reactive power compensation are provided by \{ANN\} based active filter. The performance of the proposed hybrid filter was tested by simulation and laboratory experiments under various source/load conditions and the results show that the proposed shunt hybrid filter is adaptive to varying source/load conditions.

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Dr. Sindhu M. R., Nair, M. G., and Nambiar, T. N. P., “Three Phase Auto-tuned Shunt Hybrid Filter for Harmonic and Reactive Power Compensation”, Procedia Technology, vol. 21, pp. 482 - 489, 2015.