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Journal Article


Journal of Vocational Education & Training 1-23. (2020)



In this paper, a novel education framework for a gender-inclusive, development oriented approach is investigated within the context of a non-formal vocational education and training programme implemented in rural India. Analysis of the two-year intervention that delivered vocational and life skills education to women in rural India has led to a framework that combines theories of women's empowerment and transformative learning. The results from this analysis indicate that by fusing women's empowerment with transformative learning, the objectives of VET can more effectively be achieved, while also making such programmes more accessible and supportive of marginal groups. Insights from this study hold potential for informing a scalable education intervention design geared towards women's empowerment and development. ARTICLE HISTORY

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S. Sheshadri, Coley, C., Devanathan, S., and Rao R. Bhavani, “Towards synergistic women’s empowerment-transformative learning framework for TVET in rural India”, Journal of Vocational Education & Training 1-23., 2020.