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Conference Paper


Proceedings, NRS-01, Nordic Radio Symposium, Nynäshamn , Sweden (2001)



This paper presents design tools and optimization techniques useful for the design of radio front-ends consisting of integrated active and passive parts. The advantage of hybrid active-passive design technique is demonstrated by highlighting the results of a slot matched transistor amplifier. An efficient design of
similar hybrid active-passive circuits needs computationally efficient design tools for the active and passive components interfaced using powerful optimisation tools. Synthesis of aperture micro strip antennas modelled using transmission line models and interfaced with Genetic Algorithm optimization tool will be presented as a part of this objective.

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Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup and A. Rydberg, “Towards a toolbox for synthesis of integrated radio front-ends”, in Proceedings, NRS-01, Nordic Radio Symposium, Nynäshamn , Sweden, 2001.