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Journal Article


Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer Verlag, Volume 746, p.411-421 (2017)





Bandpass filters, Carrier frequency, Code tracking, Codes (symbols), Costas loop, Global positioning system, GPS receivers, Kalman filters, Monte Carlo methods, Out of phase, Particle filter, Pseudo random codes, Satellite signals, Satellites, Signal receivers


For proper functioning of the GPS system, tracking the code and carrier effectively in GPS receivers is important. The time taken for a signal to propagate from a satellite is calculated by a GPS receiver by analyzing the “pseudo random code” it generates, to that of code generated in the signal from the satellite. So it is important to effectively track the code before they become out of phase. The tracking medium synchronizes consecutively, the acquired satellite signal with the code and carrier frequencies that are locally generated. To track these parameters Kalman filter is used. To improve the efficiency of estimation and to obtain faster and accurate results particle filter (PF) is proposed, which further reduces the complexity as compared to that of the Kalman filter.


cited By 0; Conference of 5th International Symposium on Security in Computing and Communications, SSCC 2017 ; Conference Date: 13 September 2017 Through 16 September 2017; Conference Code:204689

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M. Nishanth, Anita, J. P., and Sudheesh, P., “Tracking of GPS Parameters Using Particle Filter”, Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 746, pp. 411-421, 2017.