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Journal Article


Media Asia, Volume 40, Number 2, p.128-138 (2013)



This article examines the current trend of marketing and advertising of ‘fairness’ creams to Indian male audiences and interrogates how market demands subvert gendered norms around the desire for fairness. Advertising for fairness creams has transcended gender since the premise in both advertisements for men as well women remain the same. The convergence of class hierarchy, colonial history and social prejudice are central to the firmly entrenched notion of ‘superiority’ being synonymous with ‘fairness’ and mediated by advertisements. The article explores the complex interactions of cultural and colonial history with contemporary market demands that give male fairness creams their share in the market.

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S. Venkataswamy, “Transcending gender: Advertising fairness cream for Indian men”, Media Asia, vol. 40, pp. 128-138, 2013.