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Journal Article


IEEE Electronics Letters, IET, Volume 37, Number 14, p.873-874 (2001)



antenna feeds, antenna theory, electric field distribution, Electric fields, H-slot coupled microstrip antennas, Microstrip antennas, microstrip line fed H-slots, Resonance, second-order approximation, Slot antennas, slot propagation constant, transmission line model, Transmission line theory, transverse resonance technique


A method for finding the electric field distribution of microstrip line fed H-slots is described. A transverse resonance technique is first applied to find a second-order approximation of the slot propagation constant, which is then used in the transmission line model for the H-slot. The proposed model for the field distribution can be applied to the transmission line and cavity model analysis of H-slot coupled microstrip antennas

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Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup, A. Rydberg, and M. Himdi, “Transmission line model for field distribution in microstrip line fed H-slots”, IEEE Electronics Letters, vol. 37, pp. 873-874, 2001.