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Journal Article


PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, American Physical Society, Volume 104, p.126801 (2010)



Transport and elastic scattering times, tau{tr} and tau{e}, are experimentally determined from the carrier density dependence of the magnetoconductance of monolayer and bilayer graphene. Both times and their dependences on carrier density are found to be very different in the monolayer and the bilayer. However, their ratio tau{tr}/tau{e} is found to be close to 1.8 in the two systems and nearly independent of the carrier density. These measurements give insight on the nature (neutral or charged) and range of the scatterers. Comparison with theoretical predictions suggests that the main scattering mechanism in our samples is due to strong (resonant) scatterers of a range shorter than the Fermi wavelength, likely candidates being vacancies, voids, adatoms or short-range ripples.

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M. Monteverde, Ojeda-Aristizabal, C., Weil, R., Keyan Bennaceur, Ferrier, M., Guéron, S., Glattli, C., Bouchiat, H., Fuchs, J. N., and Maslov, D. L., “Transport and Elastic Scattering Times as Probes of the Nature of Impurity Scattering in Single-Layer and Bilayer Graphene”, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 104, p. 126801, 2010.