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Journal Article


Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, Scientific Research Publishing, Volume 10, Number 05, p.427-443 (2011)



Tribological behaviour of aluminium alloy (Al-Si10Mg) reinforced with alumina (9%) and graphite (3%) fabricated by stir casting process was investigated. The wear and frictional properties of the hybrid metal matr ix composites was studied by performin g dry sliding wear test using a pin-on-disc wear tester. Experiments were conducted based on the plan of experiments generated through Taguchi’s technique. A L27 Orthogonal array was selected for analysis of the data. Investigation to find the influence of applied load, sliding speed and sliding distance on wear rate, as well as the coefficient of friction during wearing process was carried out using ANOVA and regression equations for each response were developed. Objective of the model was chosen as ‘smaller the better’ characteristics to analyse the dry sliding wear resistance. Results show that sliding distance has the highest influence followed by load and sliding speed. Finally, confirmation tests were carried out to verify the experimental results and Scanning Electron Microscopic studies were done on the wear surfaces

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Dr. Radhika N, Subramanian, R., S Prasat, V., and , “Tribological behaviour of aluminium/alumina/graphite hybrid metal matrix composite using Taguchi’s techniques”, Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, vol. 10, pp. 427-443, 2011.