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Journal Article


Communications in Computer and Information Science, Volume 140 CCIS, Gandhigram, p.166-173 (2011)





Density, Fractal dimension, Fractal properties, Fractal space, Fractal space-time, Gompertzian growth, Mathematical models, Scaling factors, Space-time domain, Temporal density, Tumor growth, Tumors


The fractal properties and temporal chracteristics of tumors reveal interesting results. In this paper, we describe a mathematical model for tumor growth in the space-time domain using fractal based density. This model is an alternative for the fractal dimension approach. Determination of the temporal fractal density Dt (t) and the scaling factor a t (t) for the tumor growth in the fractal space-time domain is presented. © 2011 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.


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Pa Paramanathan and Uthayakumar, Rb, “Tumor growth in the fractal space-time with temporal density”, Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 140 CCIS, pp. 166-173, 2011.