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Journal Article


Media watch, Volume 6, Issue 2, p.238-254 (2015)



Indian Elections 2014, Kejriwal, Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Sentiment analysis, Twitter Analytics, Twitter Engagement Rate.


Twitter is a useful tool for predicting election outcomes, effectively complementing traditional opinion polling. This study undertakes a volume, sentiment and engagement analysis for predicting the popularity of Prime Ministerial candidates on Twitter as a run-up to the Indian Elections 2014. The results from a survey of 2,37,639 pre-poll tweets finds tweet volume as a significant predictor of candidate vote share, and volume and sentiments as predictors for candidate engagement levels. Higher engagement rates evolve from the horizontality of conversations about the candidate, therefore indicating a high degree of interactivity, but do not translate into a higher vote share.

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Dr. Kalyani Suresh and Ramakrishnan, C., “Twittering Public Sentiments: A Predictive Analysis of Pre-Poll Twitter Popularity of Prime Ministerial Candidates for the Indian Elections 2014”, Media watch, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 238-254, 2015.