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Current Oncology, Volume 17, Number 6, p.78-81 (2010)



abdominal distension, adult, aged, anorexia, article, ascites, aspiration cytology, cancer infiltration, cancer staging, cancer surgery, carboplatin, case report, computer assisted tomography, doxorubicin, drug withdrawal, female, gallbladder carcinoma, gastrointestinal stromal tumor, gemcitabine, hand foot syndrome, histopathology, human, human tissue, image analysis, imatinib, immunohistochemistry, Karnofsky Performance Status, liver metastasis, loose feces, male, metastasis, multiple cycle treatment, nausea, ovary carcinoma, peritoneum metastasis, rectum carcinoma, Sister Mary Joseph nodule, sunitinib, weight reduction


Sister Joseph nodule is a metastatic umbilical lesion secondary to a primary malignancy of any viscera. It can be a presenting symptom (a sign of undiagnosed malignancy) or a symptom or sign of progression or recurrence in a known case. Its incidence is 1%-3% of all intra-abdominal or pelvic malignancies. Here, we present 4 such cases, with Sister Joseph nodule as a finding of presentation in a case of gallbladder carcinoma, progression in a case of malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumour, recurrence in a case of ovarian carcinoma, and presentation in a case of rectal carcinoma. The clinicopathologic features of all 4 patients are discussed, and the related literature is briefly reviewed. © 2010 Multimed Inc.


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M. Palaniappan, Jose, W. M., Mehta, A., Kumar, K., and Pavithran, K., “Umbilical metastasis: A case series of four sister Joseph nodules from four different visceral malignancies”, Current Oncology, vol. 17, pp. 78-81, 2010.