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Journal Article


Anveshana Ayurveda Medical Journal (AAMJ), Volume 1, Issue 4 (2015)



Basti (medicated enema) is one among the most important Panchakarma therapies which is also considered as “Chikitsardha” (half of entire treatments). It is possessed with multidimensional action. It’s mode of action is more complex which makes it unique. Most of the people consider it as a simple enema procedure. The mode of action of Basti is very beautifully explained in our classics with various similies. The therapeutic effect of Basti can be only inferred with the efficacy of the procedure. The present article is an attempt to understand the possible mode of action of Basti in terms of Samhitas and modern science. Key words: Ayurveda, Basti, Panchakarma

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Anandaraman P. V., “Understanding the Mode of Action of Bastikarma (Medicated Enema)”, Anveshana Ayurveda Medical Journal (AAMJ), vol. 1, no. 4, 2015.